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Dr Stuart Haigh

Dr Stuart Haigh

University Senior Lecturer

Stuart Haigh is accepting applications for PhD students.

Stuart Haigh is available for consultancy.

Schofield Centre
High Cross
Madingley Road

Cambridge , Cambs CB3 0EL
Office Phone: +44 (0)1223 768052

Departments and Institutes

Department of Engineering:
University Senior Lecturer

Research Interests

Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering

  • Liquefaction and Remediation methods
  • Lateral Spreading of Slopes during Earthquakes
  • Earthquake Field Investigations
  • Dynamic Finite Element Analysis
  • Behaviour of piles under cyclic loading


Offshore Soil Mechanics

  • Pipeline Soil Interaction
  • Upheaval Buckling
  • Behaviour of Blocky Clays
  • Thermal properties of soils
  • Monopile Foundations for Offshore Wind Turbines


Soil Behaviour

  • Atterberg limits of soils
  • Airfield Pavement Design


Equipment Development for Geotechnical Research


  • Centrifuge Development
  • Earthquake Actuators for Centrifuge Model Testing
  • Image analysis for 3D displacement measurement


  • 3D1 Geotechnical Engineering I
  • 3D2 Geotechnical Engineering II
  • 4D5 Foundation Engineering
  • 5R5 Advanced Experimental Methods in Geotechnical Engineering

Key Publications

Open access versions of some papers are available in the Cambridge University DSpace repository where allowed by publishers' copyright agreements.


Schofield, A.N. & Haigh, S.K. (2017) Disturbed Soil Properties and Geotechnical Design. ICE Publishing

Haigh, S.K. (ed.) (2015) Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering. ICE Publishing.

Madabhushi, S.P.G., Knappett, J.A. & Haigh, S.K. (2010) Design of Pile Foundations in Liquefiable Soils. Imperial College Press

Journal Papers

Ojaghi, M, Lamata Martinez, I, Dietz, M.S., Williams, M.S., Blakeborough, A, Crewe, A.J., Taylor, C.A. Madabhushi, S.P.G. & Haigh, S.K. (2018) Geographically distributed hybrid testing and collaboration between geotechnical centrifuge and structures laboratories. Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration 17(1) 53-71 doi: 10.1007/s11803-018-0425-1

O'Kelly, B.C., Vardanega, P.J. & Haigh, S.K. (2018) Use of Fall Cones to Determine Atterberg Limits: A Review. Accepted for publication by Geotechnique

Vardanega, P.J. & Haigh, S.K. (2017) Discussion of ‘‘Water Content Ratio: An Effective Substitute for Liquidity Index for Prediction of Shear Strength of Clays’’ by Beshy Kuriakose, Benny Mathews Abraham, A. Sridharan & Babu T. Jose. Geotechnical and Geological Engineering. doi:10.1007/s10706-017-0290-0 

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Madabhushi, S.S.C., Haigh, S.K. & Madabhushi, S.P.G. (2017) LEAP-GWU-2015: Centrifuge and numerical modelling of slope liquefaction at the University of Cambridge. International Journal of Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering. doi:10.1016/j.soildyn.2016.11.009

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Other Publications

Other Publications can be found in my publications list