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Geotechnical and Environmental Research Group


The aim of the project is to model, both experimentally and analytically, the behaviour of monopile wind turbine foundations subject to cyclic loading. The objectives are:

    1. To conduct centrifuge model tests on monopile offshore wind farm foundations including in-flight installation and combined axial and lateral loading tests using the new 2-D actuator.
    2. To obtain centrifuge data on the performance of the monopile foundations under axial and lateral loading, including a large number of cycles of lateral and moment loading.
    3. To develop miniature statnamic testing equipment for the in-flight measurement of the stiffness and dynamic response of the soil-foundation system.
    4. To develop miniature seismic CPT equipment for the in-flight characterisation of layered soils.
    5. To develop p-y and cyclic degradation curves to allow simple analysis of the resistance of monopiles to large numbers of loading cycles.
    6. To understand the long term performance of wind farm foundations when subjected to a large number of loading cycles.
    7. To optimise and improve the current design of offshore foundations in UK by developing appropriate design guidelines.

In addition to the above objectives, the project will also aim to develop a large database of the centrifuge test data generated during this project and make it freely available after the end of the project to the numerical modelling community.

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