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Tanvir Qureshi wins 2014 Department Photo Competition

last modified Jan 21, 2015 09:36 AM
Tanvir Qureshi wins 2014 Department Photo Competition

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Tanvir Qureshi, a PhD student in the Geotechnical and Environmental Group won the 2014 Department of Engineering photography competition (Scanning Electron Microscopy category) sponsored by ZEISS.   Tanvir’s winning image depicts the evolution of crack bridging within a concrete crack formed by ‘smart’ minerals added within the cementitious matrix to facilitate self-healing.   

Tanvir’s PhD research aims to improve the self-healing capability of traditional cement concrete through adding optimum proportions of expansive minerals, such as magnesia, bentonite and quicklime. Tanvir is a member of the research team led by Professor Al-Tabbaa working on the EPSRC funded Materials for Life (M4L) project, in collaboration with Cardiff and Bath Universities. M4L is developing and testing a range of self-healing components for cementitious systems.

The ZEISS annual competition aims to show the creative invention in engineering research at the University of Cambridge, from objects at the nanoscale all the way to major applications.