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Marla Gillow wins the Best Paper award at ICPE 2018

Congratulations to Marla Gillow for winning The Best Paper award at the 1st International Conference on Press-in Engineering 2018, Kochi.  The conference was organised by International Press-in Association (IPA). The jury selected Marla's paper "Water jetting for sheet piling in sandy soils" based on her undergraduate project.

Marla  completed her MEng project under the supervision of Dr Stuart Haigh  as a part of an ongoing collaboration between the University of Cambridge and Giken Ltd.

"The Cambridge - Giken collaboration research started in 1994, based on the strong awareness of Mr. Akio Kitamura, President of Giken Ltd., of issues relating to construction. Every summer two students visit Kochi, Japan, to carry out field and model tests using the press-in machines and other facilities of Giken, in order to learn this technology by experience. In some cases, they also conduct model tests or numerical analyses in their own laboratories on their return to Cambridge." 

History of Cambridge-Giken collaboration research - Report

To learn more about the collaboration and research related to the tests carried out in Kochi between 2010 and 2018, see the full text of the Report.