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Professor Kenichi Soga gives twelfth Croce Lecture at the Italian National Research Council in Rome, Italy.

last modified Sep 13, 2016 12:26 PM

The Croce Lecture is dedicated to the memory of the late Professor Arrigo Croce, first professor of Soil Mechanics in Italy, former President of the Italian Geotechnical Society and former Vice-President for Europe of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering.

The annual lecture is historically given by an Italian professor, however since the tenth lecture the AGI have invited professors from overseas to speak every other year.  Professor Soga is the second foreign professor to deliver the lecture. 

The objective of the Croce lecture is to demonstrate how the gap between theory and application can be closed, following the basic ideas of the late Professor Croce. 

Professor Soga’s lecture was entitled “Understanding the real performance of geotechnical structures using innovative sensor technologies".  He explained that over the past fifteen years, piling and deep excavation have become deeper and there is a need to understand the performance of large geotechnical structures so that they can be built more efficiently, economically and safely.

He talked about how CSIC have developed state-of-the-art fibre optic sensing and computer vision monitoring technologies for geotechnical applications.  He presented several case studies illustrating how engineering performance information can be extracted from the monitoring data obtained using these technologies, based on recent work undertaken by his PhD students Tina Schwamb and Mehdi Alhaddad and Research Associate Dr Loizos Pelecanos. 

The written version of the lecture is due to be published in the Italian Geotechnical Journal.


Professor Kenichi Soga is Professor of Civil Engineering at the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge.