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Ying Mei

Ying Mei
Schofield Centre
High Cross
Madingley Road

Cambridge CB3 0EL
Office Phone: +44 (0)1223 768046


Ying graduated from Nottingham University in 2012 with a first class BEng degree. In the summer of 2011, Ying worked for BP company as an intern, assisting the geotechnical research in carbon capture and storage project. In october 2012, Ying started a PhD project, investigating the novel technique of distributed fibre optic sensors, supervised by professor Kenichi Soga in Cambridge University.

Research Interests

The main objective of Ying's PhD research is to standardize the technology of strain measurements using fibre optic sensors. Currently, the commercially available strain measuring technology uses vibrating wires(or strain gauges), and has a spatial resolution of 0.5-1m; while the novel technology, distributed optical fibre sensors (such as BOTDR(Brillouin optical time domain reglectometry) and BOTDA(Brillouin optical time domain analyzer), are not limited by spatial resolution. They can measure strain and temperature continuously along a standard single fibre sensor.

The basic principle behind this novel FO technology is that stain and temperature tend to influence the properties of a light signal travelling throughout the fibre. Based on that principle, the whole optical fibre becomes the sensor itself to measure temperature or strain along the fibre. However one urgent problem of this technology that need be solved is that how to make sure the results given by the analyzer is reliable for different engineering applications. A calibration box may therefore be manufactured to calibrate the coefficient used by the analyzer. Besides, cable selection, equipment set up and data collection on site, final data analysis using matlab codes are within Ying's research interests as well to further standardize this novel fibre optic sensor technology.