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Dr Regeane Bagonyi

Dr Regeane Bagonyi

Research Associate


Regeane obtained a B.Sc. in Chemistry (UFMG, Brazil) in 2010. Her B.Sc. final project was carried out at the Quality Control Laboratory of the Ezequiel Dias Foundation and her dissertation involved the development and statistical validation of an HPLC methodology for thalidomide analysis within the pharmaceutical production line. This project was awarded the maximum grade. She continued her academic education in Brazil completing in 2012 a M.Sc. in Science and Technology of Radiation, Minerals and Materials (CDTN). During her M.Sc., Regeane proposed and statistically optimised a remediation strategy employing oxidative precipitation to tackle manganese contamination from acid mine drainage affecting a deactivated uranium mine.

Later in 2012, Regeane was awarded a scholarship within the CAPES/COT collaboration program (UK/BRAZIL) to complete her PhD in the Engineering Department at the University of Cambridge. Her work was supervised by Professor Abir Al-Tabbaa and focused on the development of low-pH magnesia-bearing cements for the immobilisation of radioactive waste. The investigations employed statistical optimisation and geochemical modelling (PHREEQC) to design mixtures, assess the long-term degradation and radionuclides retention capabilities of novel matrices exposed to groundwater. 

Currently, Regeane works as Research Associate in the Resilient Materials 4 Life (RM4L), a project that, using the biomimetic approach, aims to create sustainable and resilient materials and structures that continually monitor, regulate, adapt and repair themselves without the need of external intervention.

Research Interests

Geochemical Modelling


Statistical Optimisation and Validation of Methodologies

Novel Cementitious Materials

Radioactive Waste Immobilisation

Environmental Remediation

Key Publications

R.M. Freitas, A. Al-Tabbaa, Reactive Magnesium Oxide Cements: Geochemical Modelling of pH Profile and Solid Phase Composition, 2nd International Symposium on Cement-Based Materials for Nuclear Waste Nuwcem 2014, Avignon, France, June 2014.

R.M. Freitas, A. Al-Tabbaa, Development of Low-Ph Cements for Immobilisation of Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste: Achievements and Challenges, Proceedings of the ASME 2013 15th International Conference on Environmental Remediation and Radioactive Waste Management ICEM2013 September 8-12, 2013, Brussels, Belgium.

R.M. Freitas, T.A.Perilli, A.C.Q. Ladeira, Oxidative Precipitation of Manganese from Acid Mine Drainage by Potassium Permanganate, Journal of Chemistry, V. 2013 (2013), Article Id 287257, 8 Pages

R.M. Freitas, Thomaz A. G. Perilli, T.A.G., Lameiras, F.S., Ladeira, A.C.Q Statistical Analysis of Manganese Oxidation by Using Potassium Permanganate. 3rd International Congress on Water Management in the Mining Industry, Santiago, Chile, June 2012.

C. A. Carvalho Filho, D. M.Sales, P. C. H. Rodrigues, P. H. Dutra, C. F. Silva, V. V. M, Ferreira, R. M. Freitas, T. A. Perilli, A.C.Q. Ladeira, Acid Rock Drainage: Impacts on the Environment and Metal Recovery, Inct Acqua Annual Activity Report 2011-2012, V. 1, P. 71-75, 2013.

Other Publications

C.C. Couto Filho, E.O.S., Saliba, N. M., Rodriguez, G. S. Barbosa, R. M. Freitas, M.P.D, Resende, Diaminopimelic (DAPA) in microbial protein quantification of heifers fed different forages sources, Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia, 00067-13

Porto, P.A.A., Zuccheratte, A. C., Souza, L.S., Faria, L.S., Souza, L.R., Borssatto, M.F.B., Freitas, R.M., Fernandes, R.C., Alves, S.F., Peixoto, C.M., Rios, F.J., Menezes, M.A.B.C., Jacomino, V.M.F., Brito, W.Radiological Environmental Monitoring Program of a Gold Mine: A Case Study in Gandarela Syncline. International Nuclear Atlantic Conference, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, October 2011.