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Miss Rui Hao

Miss Rui Hao

PhD student

Office ISO-31,
Department of Engineering,
Trumpington Street,

Office Phone: +44 (0)1223 766686


Miss Rui Hao graduated from the University of Nottingham with first degree in environmental engineering BEng Honours and top student in class. She then joined Geotechnical Research Group in Oct, 2012, supervised by Dr. Abir Al-Tabbaa. She is a member of Fitzwilliam College.

She did internship in environmental consultancy institute during her bachelor degree as an environmental impact assessment consultancy assistant, involved in local chemical plant expansion projects and contributed to final report writing.

She had several leadership experiences and joined volunteering works actively, thus then gained “Nottingham Advantage Award” when graduating. She was also selected as the only presenter in department to attend conference as a young engineer in 2008. She likes music, particularly interested in violin and singing, with more than 5 years as a Sprano in choir. She is also a rower and badminton player in college currently and competes with others regularly. Besides those, she likes reading, recital, travelling and languages learning. 

Research Interests

Her research mainly focuses on mineralization carbon sequestration by using brine or waste water, with potential using product magnesia as a construction material. This method involves reacting magnesium chloride solutions (one of the main ingredients of waste brine) with carbon dioxide to produce magnesium carbonate, which is then calcined to produce magnesia. This method will solve excessive carbon emission problem and get an economic product at the same time.