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Dr Mengchen Sun

Dr Mengchen Sun

Research Assistant

Schofield Centre
High Cross
Madingley Road

Cambridge , Cambridgeshire CB3 0EL
Office Phone: +44 (0)1223 768047


Mengchen joined the Geotechnical research group of Cambridge University in 2014, as a PhD student supervised by Dr Giovanna Biscontin, after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in Tongji University, China.

Research Supervision

It is not uncommon for earthquakes, winds and waves to apply multi-directional shearing to soil. Due to the limit of apparatus ability, however, the multi-directionality of loading is not often taken into account in element-level experiments. In terms of liquefaction, previous research has shown multi-directional loading paths can result in faster generation of pore pressure, more rapid development of shear strain and significant reduction in liquefaction resistance.


His work uses a multi-directional simple shear apparatus to investigate the influence of multi-directional loading. He is looking into how the generation of pore pressure and development of shear strain is affected by stress paths, how much the liquefaction resistance is reduced in multi-directional loading scenarios, and how the failure line and phase transformation line for linear tests can be extrapolated into 3-D stress space.