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Bingyu Zhao

Bingyu Zhao

Research Student


Bingyu Zhao is currently a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Kenichi Soga in the Geotechnical and Environmental Group at the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge. Bingyu is a member of Churchill College and her PhD studies are funded by the Cambridge International Student Scholarship (CISS).

Bingyu’s undergraduate studies were in Civil Engineering (Tongji University, China, 2010-2014). She specialized in Structural Engineering, but her broader interest in all aspects of Civil Engineering motivated her to participate in research projects involving geotechnical, transportation and pavement engineering. Her undergraduate thesis, supervised by Dr. Suzhen Li from Tongji University, entailed implementing Fiber Optical Sensing techniques on pipeline leakage monitoring.

Bingyu’s PhD project will be analyzing the interactions between various transportation sectors (road, railway, underground, etc.) on an urban scale, particularly the response of nearby traffic when parts of the system fail in emergencies. The core steps are to establish a database for the relevant city’s traffic infrastructure and then to perform various scenario tests using Agent Based Modelling (ABM). Through her research, Bingyu hopes to extend people’s understanding of the behaviours of a large-scale multi-sector transportation system, as well as to enhance the current approaches in the planning, construction and maintenance of robust urban traffic infrastructures.

In addition, Bingyu was awarded a scholarship from TF LEaRN for an exchange at the National University of Singapore (August-December, 2012). Inspired by the TF LEaRN ethos of contributing our knowledge and abilities in the development of communities, Bingyu also volunteered at Habitat for Humanity in Shanghai from March to May, 2014, in a project that provided homes for socially vulnerable groups.