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Zhengtao Shen

Zhengtao Shen

PhD Research Student


Zhengtao Shen is a third-year PhD student (from Oct. 2013) working with Prof. Abir Al-Tabbaa. His PhD project is to investigate the characteristics and mechanism of heavy metal adsorption on biochars as well as the performance of biochar application in soil remediation. Before coming to Cambridge, Zhengtao obtained his master's and bachelor's degrees in geological engineering in Nanjing University, China. Zhengtao has published 7 journal papers and 4 patents.


Research Interests

  • Characteristics and mechanism of heavy metal adsorption on biochar
  • Performance of biochar application in soil remediation and the mechanism
  • Soil remediation using solidification/stabilisation technology
  • Influence of environmental factors on soil CO2 emission
  • Ground improvement using various soil stabilizers

Key Publications

Journal papers

[1]. Shen Z., McMillan O., Jin F., Al-Tabbaa A. (2016). “Salisbury biochar did not affect the mobility or speciation of lead in kaolin in a short-term laboratory study”. Journal of Hazardous Materials. 316, 214-220.

[2]. Shen Z., Som A.M., Wang F., Jin F., MiMillan O., Al-Tabbaa A., (2016). “Long-term impact of   biochar on the immobilisation of nickel (II) and zinc (II) and the revegetation of a contaminated site”. Science of the Total Environment. 542, 771-776.

[3]. Shen Z., Jin F., Wang F., McMillan O., Al-Tabbaa A., (2015). “Sorption of lead by Salisbury biochar produced from British broadleaf hardwood”. Bioresource Technology. 193, 553-556.

[4]. Zhang F., Wang B., Shen Z., Shi B., (2015). “Variation of CO2 release with temperature field of soil under different covers based on GIS”. Journal of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Engineering. 33 (4): 515-521. (in Chinese)

[5]. Shen Z., Shi B., Wang B., Jiang H., (2013). “The temperature dependence of soil organic matter decomposition and CO2 efflux——A review”. Acta Ecologica Sinica. 33 (10): 3011-3019.

[6]. Liu J., Shi B., Gu K., Shen Z., Lu Y., (2013). “Laboratory Study on Soil Modified by    Polyurethane Sand-fixing Agents”. Journal of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Engineering. 33 (1): 71-75. (in Chinese)

[7]. Shen Z., Wang B., Shi B., Jiang H., Gao L., Zhou C., (2012). “Experimental study on the influence of temperature and moisture on soil CO2 release”. Journal of Nanjing University (Natural sciences). 48 (6): 761-767. (in Chinese) 


[1]. Shen Z., Zhou C., Shi B. (2013). “Calibration method of soil moisture sensor based on time domain transmission technology”. CN102944577A. 2013-02-27.

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[4]. Shi B., Liu J., Gu K., Hua J, Shen Z. (2011). “Preparing a dust inhibitor comprises heating deionized water, vinylacetate, methyl methacrylate, acrylamide, and a cross linking agent, adding an initiator to react and cooling before adding a neutralizer till the mixture is neutral”. CN102134295-A.