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Tanvir Qureshi

Tanvir Qureshi

PhD Research Student

Office ISO-31 (Geotechnical Research Office),
Department of Engineering,
Trumpington Street,

Cambridge , Cambs CB2 1PZ
Office Phone: +44 (0)1223 766686


Tanvir Shams Qureshi is a PhD researcher in the field of Self-healing technology of concrete materials at the University of Cambridge, Engineering Department. In 2012, Tanvir awarded with the Islamic Development Bank (IDB)-Cambridge Overseas Trust scholarship.  His educational background includes a Master’s of Science (MSc) in Civil Engineering, with distinction from the Cardiff University.  His major research in MSc was Reinforced Concrete Structure Design based on Concrete Mix Characteristics Length. Professionally, he is an academic (Assistant Professor) in the department of Civil Engineering, Leading University, Sylhet, Bangladesh. He was head of the department (acting) and involved in research with high-performance concrete and composite materials prior to starting his PhD research. Before Tanvir joined in teaching, he gained two years of professional consultancy experience with Noksa Construction and Consultancy Firm, undertaking major Civil Engineering projects. He has also involved as project pacific consultant with Noksa afterwards. His key responsibility was to design reinforced concrete structure, sub-soil investigation for foundation design, EIA and construction project supervision. He is also involved with Imminent Developers Ltd. Bangladesh, which is a new residential building developers company. Tanvir was awarded “Best Engineer 2007-2008” of Noksa Construction & Consultancy Firm for technical skills and hardworking commitment. Recently, he has also won “WILEY POSTER AWARD” in the Fourth International Conference on Self-healing Materials (16-20 June, 13) at Gent, Belgium. 

Research Interests

Tanvir is undertaking research in self-healing concrete and cementitious materials incorporating potential minerals for infrastructure and geotechnical applications. He is also involved with self-healing concrete development as part of the Materials for Life ( Tanvir is interested in the field of innovative and sustainable construction materials for high-performance structure. 


Teaching Assistant, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

Supervision courses: A2 Model Structures, 3D3 Structural Materials & Design (Concrete), and Integrated Coursework (Buildings in Earthquakes) 

Other Professional Activities

2014     Electron Microscopy prize, ZEISS photography competition University of Cambridge, UK

2014     ITV news, UK, Self-healing concrete, UK


2014     Best poster award, IDB-UK 2014 Symposium, University of Cambridge, UK

2013     Wiley poster award, Fourth International Conference on Self-healing Materials, Belgium

2012     IDB-Cambridge Int. Scholarship PhD, University of Cambridge, UK

2008     Best Engineer 2007-2008, Noksa Construction & Consultancy, Bangladesh 

Key Publications

Qureshi, T., A. Kanellopoulos  and Al-Tabbaa, A., 2016, Encapsulation of expansive powder minerals within a concentric glass capsule system for self-healing concrete, Construction and building materials, Volume 98, 15 November 2015, Pages 780–791

Qureshi, T. and Al-Tabbaa, A., 2016, Self-healing of drying shrinkage cracks in cement-based materials incorporating reactive MgO, Smart materials and structures, Volume 25, Issue 8

A. Kanellopoulos, Qureshi, T.  and Al-Tabbaa, A., 2015, Glass encapsulated minerals for self-healing in cement based composites, Construction and building materials. Volume 98, 15 November 2015, Pages 780–791

Qureshi, T., and Al-Tabbaa, A., 2015, Influence of Expansive minerals on the Self-healing of Cement Paste and Mortar Systems, Fifth international conference on self-healing materials, Durham, USA.

Tanvir Qureshi, Mustaq Ahmed, 2015, "Waste Metal For Improving Concrete Performance And Utilisation As An Alternative Of Reinforcement Bar"Vol. 5 - Issue 2 (February - 2015), International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA) , ISSN: 2248-9622 ,

Qureshi, T., and Al-Tabbaa, A., 2014, The effect of magnesia on the self-healing performance of Portland cement with increased curing time,1st International conference on Ageing of Materials & Structures (AMS 2014) at the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), The Netherlands.

Qureshi, T.S., Alam, J.B., and Basak, S.R., 2009, Rational evaluation of the existing pavement of Sylhet-Sunamgonj highway, Bangladesh Journal of Environmental Science, Vol. 17, 39-46.

Other Publications

Department of Engineering news report 'Taking concrete to the next level' November 2015

Featured news ‘Concrete heal thyself’ on Materials world magazine, Volume 23, No.8, August, 2015.

Self-healing concrete research news on The Chinese Weekly July 2015

Featuring news on Health-conscious concrete in Research horizon, Issue 26, 2015.

The art of engineering: images from the frontiers of technology, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge research news report in 2014.

Self-healing concrete 'most likely to change the world' department news on 04 Nov 2013

Department news report on the winning of an award at International Self-healing Materials Conference, September 2013.