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Heba Bevan

Heba Bevan

PhD Research Student

Office ISG-80
Department of Engineering,
Trumpington Street,

Cambridge , Cambs CB2 1PZ
Office Phone: +44 (0)1223 746966


Heba Yacoub Bevan graduated in electronics and computer engineering (Hons.) in 2005.  During her study she worked at ARM Ltd. Cambridge as a student engineer in the Trace and Targeting group.  While supervised by Professor Andy Tyrrell she achieved First in her final project which was in artificial intelligence studying robotics visualisation.  After graduation Heba was hired as a CPU engineer by ARM Ltd. By the end of 2005 she moved to the California Bay Area to work for ARM Inc. Sunnyvale as a Technical Sales Engineer, advising and consulting some of the largest semiconductor/electronics companies on the selection of CPUs.  In 2009 Heba went back to academic research and joined Rice University as a research programmer.  Here she worked with Professor Keith Cooper, Dr. Tim Harvey and Dr. Linda Torczon on one of the biggest DARPA projects at the time PACE Project.

In 2011 Heba started her PhD at Jesus College, Cambridge. Heba’s research is on wireless sensor networks for subterranean mass-rapid transportation applications.  She is supervised by Professor Kenichi Soga.

Research Interests

Heba's research involves designing an electronic system that gathers structural change data caused by events such as leaks, cracks, temperature, pressure and impacts.  The system will feed the data through the wireless sensor network, allowing problems to be identified as they develop and a targeted approach to structural maintenance efforts in tunnels.

Other Professional Activities

  • ‘Highly Commended’ in three Institution for Engineering and Technology (IET) Innovation Awards 2013 - the Asset Management Award, the Built Environment Award and the Measurement In Action Award
  • On board of ZEROPOWER Scientific Committee
  • Judge, ATCA/MicroTCA International Conference, Washington, DC, USA.
  • Speaker, Server System MicroTCA International Conference, Munich, Germany.
  • American Association Award, New York, USA.
  • Ede and Ravenscroft Prize for outstanding academic achievement and contributions to the Department of Electronics at the University of York.
  • ARM Ltd. Scholarship for completing a full project during an internship.
  • UbiNetics Bursary Award for academic achievement in the area of radio frequency.
  • Transferable Skills Project, Second Place Winner for programming a control system model for trains.
  • Challenge Event Award for winning the Project Leadership Competition.
  • Representative/Chair for the University of York Women Engineering Society.

Key Publications

1. Heba Bevan, Kenichi Soga, Tim Embley and Nigel Marsh "Monitoring Wireless sensors on Crossrail's C360" Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors Journal September 2014

2. Mehdi AlhaddadMatthew WilcockC. Y. GueHeba BevanSimon StentMohammed Z. E. B. ElshafieKenichi SogaMichael DevriendtPeter Wright, and Paul Waterfall "Multi-Suite Monitoring of an Existing Cast Iron Tunnel Subjected to Tunnelling-induced Ground Movements" American Society of Civil Engineers May 2014

3. Heba Bevan and Kenichi Soga "On-going Research: Monitoring Excavation-Related Tunnel Movements Using Low Power Wireless Sensors Networks" The ishmii monitor, November 2013

4. Heba Bevan, Mehdi Allhaddad, Matthew Wilcock and Kenichi Soga "Low Power Wireless Sensors Networks for Structural Monitoring in Transportation Tunnels" SMAR, September 2013

5. Heba Bevan and Kenichi Soga "Cutting Costs in Subterranean Mass Rapid Transportation through Wireless Sensor Network Deployment" RRUK, July 2013

6. Rajkishore Barik, Heba Bevan, Keith D. Cooper, Jean-Christophe Beyler, Zoran Budimlic ́, Michael Burke, Vincent Cave, Lakshmi Chakrapani, Phillipe Charles, Jack Dennis, Sebastien Donadio, Guohua Jin, Timothy Harvey, Thomas Henretty, Justin Hoelwinski, Zhao Jishen, Sam Kaplan, Kirk Kelsey, Rishi Khan, Sanjiva Lele, John Mellor-Crummey, Erzse ́bet Mere ́nyi, Krishna Palem, Rene Pec ̆nik, Louis-Noe ̈l Pouchet, Atanas Rountev, P. Sadayappan, Jeffrey Sandoval, Vivek Sarkar, Arnold Schwaighofer, Jun Shirako, Ray Simar, Reid Tatge, Linda Torczon, Brian West, Yonghong Yan, Anna Youseffi, Jisheng Zhao "The Platform-Aware Compilation Environment project (PACE) is funded by the Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency (DARPA) through Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Contract FA8650-09-C-7915 with Rice University. PACE is part of the Architecture-Aware Compilation Environment program (AACE)" September 2010