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Adel Abdollahzadeh

Adel Abdollahzadeh

PhD Research Student

Geotechnical Research Office
Cambridge University
Engineering Department
Trumpington Street


Cambridge CB2 1PZ
Office Phone: +44 (0)1223 766683


Adel holds the BSc and MSc degrees in civil and geotechnical engineering (2007 and 2010 respectively), along with three years experience as project manager, designer and research assistant. He joined the Geotechnical Research Group at Cambridge University Engineering Department in October 2011 as a PhD student with a research focus on sustainable development in construction material.

His Specific research interest is sustainable cement and concrete including novel cement-less concrete, waste minimization and utilizing industrial by product, high porous structure material as pavement, pavement design and management.

Adel is funded by IDB Cambridge International Scholarship in conjunction with the Cambridge Overseas Trust. He is supervised by Dr.Abir Al-Tabbaa and is affiliated to St Edmund's College.